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Rubber Ducky Unicorn Punch

This Rubber Ducky Punch is actually over on our other website on Glitter Lambs. I did a DIY Shabby Chic Unicorn Birthday Party using some of our wood and all that stuff. If you want to read about that then go to that website and see more about it. This is just the recipe for the yummy Rubber Ducky Unicorn Punch.


What you need:
Large Glass Punch Bowl
Unicorn Rubber Duckies- oriental trading has them (be aware that they are sold as not being able to float upright, so you might have some fall over)
Blue Hawaiian Punch
7 UP
Pineapple Juice- 3 small cans
Rainbow Sherbert-Optional

Just add half of the Blue Hawaiian Punch to the bowl. Add about half of the 7up and about 3 small cans of pineapple juice. I bought the mini cans of 6. Depending on how you want this to taste you might want to adjust. This is optional but you can either add some scoops of sherbet to the top or you can add some mini marshmallows. And that's it. Your tasty yummy Rubber Ducky Unicorn Punch is complete. 

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