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DIY 3D Snowcone Mouse Birthday Card

3D Snowcone Mouse Birthday Card

Here is a really cute way to make a 3D snowcone card. 

First you will need 1 medium size Styrofoam ball. 

Next cut the ball in half using a knife.

Spray paint the balls in the color you want. I did one pink and the other blue. You will only need 1 half so you will only need to spray paint one if you make 1 card.

Next you will need to cover the ball in some glitter paint. I used DecoArt Craft Twinkles in Cyrstal. This takes A LONG TIME TO DRY! So be prepared to wait if you coat to much on these. 

Here is the finished snowcone tops with their glitter coat.

I cut out a small triangle of white card stock and hot glued the sytrofoam to the white card stock. 

Next I took a 1 toothpick and cracked it into. And snipped a small piece off a stripped pink straw. 

I hot glued the entire snowcone to the card. I stuck the piece of a toothpick down in the sytrofoam and then I stuck the straw down over it. You can hot glue the straw to the toothpick so it won't fall off. 

 Here is the finished 3D Snowcone Mouse Card. I just used a pink and white card from Basics It's a cardmaking pad that comes with 18 different designs and 36 papers. They are 5.5 x 8.8 in (14x21.6cm). You just tear the long paper out and fold it in half. They make it super easy to make homemade birthday cards.

I printed my cute little mouse with a snowcone out on card stock and used my 3.5" punch from "The Paper Studio" to punch it out. I just hot glued it on the front of the card. I actually hot glued the mouse picture down first before I added the snowcone.

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Here is the printable Mouse Template- printable version
This is a full 8.5x11 sheet and I sized the mouse on this to print just right.

And here is a clipart image of the mouse if you want to do something else with it. 

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