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DIY Woodland Birthday Party Dessert Idea

DIY Woodland Birthday Party Dessert 
(A Food Bar Idea To Display Your Treats)

What you need for Dessert:
Almond Bark
Package of Chocolate
Cupcake Pan
Cupcake Liners

What you need for Wood Display:
Glass Dome- try searching online like
Two Wood Slices-one 4" and one 5"
One 4" Wood Candle Holder
Try our Etsy shop for wood supplies at Church House Woodworks

In crockpot on high melt package any flavor almond bark and package of chocolate or some other flavor of chips. You could try white , mint, or peanut butter. When melted stir together then mix in nuts. Whatever kind you like. Drop by spoonfuls into mini cupcake papers. Or just onto wax paper. Set in cool place or refrigerator to cool. You would add sprinkles on top before they set to add color. 

To make the display like I did in the picture all you need is some real wood pieces to make this work. I just used two small wood slices that were different sizes and a longer candle holder piece. You can just hot glue the wood together to hold and then I added a glass dome that I bought from the store on top. I used my 2" punch and punched out some yellow cardstock. You can hot glue or tape that to the wood. I wrote the words, "Take One!" on the front of it. It's that easy! You can use larger pieces of wood and even include moss from the store into your display to make it even more woodsy. :) 

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