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DIY Jelly Beans Birthday Party Banner, Cupcake Toppers And Card

 DIY Jelly Beans Birthday Party Banner, 
Cupcake Toppers And Card

I made a Jelly Bean template that has 12 different colored Jelly beans on it. I printed that out on card stock paper. Then I used my 2" punch and punched all the small jelly beans out. Then I used my 3.5" punch and punched out some designs from really bright neon card stock paper. They look like large flowers to me.   

 After I got done punching everything out then I taped on my jelly beans to the large neon colored card stock. 

When your done these are what they will look like. Cute Jelly Bean decorations!

I taped some of neon Jelly Bean creations to some colorful striped straws. You can make up some of these and sit them in a mason jar or some other pretty glass holder for a cute Jelly Bean display for the table. 

You could use them as cupcake toppers if you just leave off the large neon colored cardstock and just tape a toothpick to the back of the smaller jelly bean and then stick down in the frosting. Or you could leave them as huge cupcake toppers with the neon card stock. They look pretty cool.

Jelly Bean Banner! I made this by just sticking some tape on the edge of the card stock. This held it together. Then I used tape to hang it up. This was way adorable and pretty easy to make. You could even punch a hole in them and use pretty colored ribbon and string through them to make a different looking banner. 

You could also just tape the individual jelly bean punch outs to different things like mason jars or bowls filled with treats. 

I made a Jelly Bean Birthday card by just folding a black and white polka dot paper into a card and sticking one of the Jelly Bean designs on the front with tape and then punching out a white design using a 2" punch and writing the words "Jelly Beans" on it. You could give this as a birthday card or use this as a food card and sit it by a large bowl of jelly beans. Try gluing some real jelly beans to the card for an awesome effect. You could even glue real jelly beans to the banners and cupcake toppers just for kicks. Fill tall glass vases with Jelly Beans to make a pretty fun display. 

 I was going to hot glue some real jelly beans to my umbrella stand thing but the Jelly Beans I had on hand went missing. Someone ate them..... So if your having a Jelly Bean Birthday Party and want to incorporate some really cute and adorable Jelly Beans into the mix then try using our Jelly Bean pictures to make that happen!!! If you print them and do something neat with them please show us a picture! We would love to see what you did with them!

Here is the free printable Jelly Beans Cupcake Topper Templates down below. I made a colored one and a black and white one.

These are free for personal use only. Do not sell these.

Colored Jelly Beans Printable Template

Black and White Jelly Beans Printable Template

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