DIY Birthday Blog: DIY Purple Ice Cream Cone Decorations

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DIY Purple Ice Cream Cone Decorations

DIY Purple Ice Cream Cone 
Bath Pouf Hanging Decoration

An easy and cheap way to make some super adorable ice cream cone decorations for a birthday party would be to use some bath poufs. You can find these at Walmart or even at the dollar store. 

What you need:
Small Bath Pouf
Design Paper
Furry Pom Pom Ball
Hot Glue Gun

This is so easy to make. I took some purple flower design paper that I had laying around and folded it into a cone and taped it. 

Then I stuck my bath pouf down in the top of the cone. You can hot glue the little bath pouf in the cone if you want to make it more secure.
I put one staple in the back of the cone and made sure it went through the white hanging rope that was attached to the pouf. This would create the hanging loop I needed so I could hang it up somewhere. 

Then just hot glue your little fuzzy pom pom ball to the top of the pouf. This is what it looked like when I was done. Try making a banner and making up tons of them and of course the sky is the limit with the color scheme you can use. 

Now on to some really funny looking Ice Cream Cone Table Decorations. 

This is a funny and really cute Ice Cream Cone table decoration that you could make up and set up. Just fill a tall glass with some fun decorations and then just add your bath pouf to the top.  Hot glue a fuzzy pom pom to the top and add some sticker eyes to the bath pouf to make it cute. I actually used clay ice cream ball scoops to fill this glass container. You can find them online in different places if you like them. 

Here is another funny table decoration you can do. Just use a small glass candle holder and do the same thing. You can also go online and buy cheap Christmas ice cream cone hanging decorations and use those for your party. It's a cheap way to find some pretty cool stuff. 

I made a cute hair clip with the ice cream ball scoops that I had and I also used a purple roll cake to add to the middle. 

Just hot glue to a bare hair clip and then snap it in your little girls hair. 

You can also add the ice cream balls to these type of hair clips too. I really like these. An easy way to incorporate the ice cream decorations into wearable accessories for your child.

I love these little Ice Cream Scoop Decorations! Aren't they just the cutest ever! Totally SWEET!

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