DIY Birthday Blog: Fast Break Buttercream Icing Recipe- A Yummy Candy Bar Frosting!

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Fast Break Buttercream Icing Recipe- A Yummy Candy Bar Frosting!

 Fast Break Buttercream Icing Recipe

I must say that this recipe is the one of the BEST frosting recipes I have ever tried! Hands down, this is some good stuff now! If you love Fast break candy bars then you will love this amazing candy bar buttercream icing concoction on top of your cupcakes. This is a VERY FAST AND EASY RECIPE to throw together.

What you need:
6 (Mini )Fast break Candy Bars
3 3/4 cups Powdered Sugar 
2 TBS Heavy Cream
2 Sticks Of Butter

Grind up all 6 Fast break Candy Bars in a food processor. 
Add 2 sticks of butter into your mixer. (I melted my butter in the microwave)
Add your 3 3/4 cups of powdered sugar into the mixer. 
Add 2 TBS Heavy Cream. 
Add your crushed up Fast Break candy bars in the mixer. 
Mix for about 5 minutes. 
Pipe or smear onto your cupcakes. 
That's it! Your DONE!

This is a very rich and DELICIOUS frosting that will have you craving for more after that first bite. You won't be disappointed with this. I just added this over a chocolate cupcake and it was PERFECT! 


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