DIY Birthday Blog: Free Printable Cotton Candy Candy Mouse Pink Cupcake Toppers

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Free Printable Cotton Candy Candy Mouse Pink Cupcake Toppers

Free Printable Cotton Candy Mouse Pink Cupcake Toppers
For personal use only. 

To make these cupcake toppers all you need is some card stock, toothpick, and some tape. I printed the cotton candy mouse cupcake toppers off on card stock and used my 2" punch on it. I punched the pictures out and then I taped a toothpick to the back of the picture. Then it just goes down into a cupcake. It's that easy! This would work great with a cotton candy theme birthday party. 

Free printable Cupcake Toppers

This is a free printable Cotton Candy Lunch Bag Topper. Just print and cut out and fold over a lunch bag that is filled with cotton candy and other toys and treats.

Large Mouse with Cotton Candy Clipart- 
free for personal use to add to your cupcake toppers or make other projects with. Make a whole birthday theme built around this little mouse! It would be cute! And of course you will need lots of Cotton Candy! 

You could:
  1. Try filling mason jars or glass jars with cotton candy for table displays. 
  2. Make Cotton Candy Drinks. Just add cotton candy to a glass of sprite and add a straw. 
  3. Make Cotton Candy flavored cupcakes. Just use some cotton candy flavor mix.
  4. For favors just buy cotton candy flavored lipgloss or lotion on Etsy. 
  5. Make glowing cotton candy. Just buy the already made cotton candy and stick it on a glow stick. 
  6. For a birthday gift you can buy handmade items on Etsy like Cotton Candy Earrings, Cotton Candy Bath Soap, Cotton Candy Shampoo, Cotton Candy Bubble Bath, Cotton Candy Bath Bombs, Cotton Candy Sugar Scrubs, Cotton Candy Perfume, Cotton Candy Nail Polish, Cotton Candy Headbands, Cotton Candy Outfits, and the list goes on. 
  7. Make pink food like Pink Pretzel Rods that are just dipped in pink candy melt.Use pink drinks like strawberry milk, pink lemonade, or pink milkshakes. Serve stuff like Pink Donuts, Pink chocolate covered twisted pretzels, Pink cookies, Pink Wafers, Pink Fudge, Pink Cake Pops. 
  8. You can fill glass jars with different pink colored candy like pink jelly beans, pink gumballs, pink marshmallows, pink colored popcorn, etc.

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